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Principle is a builder-oriented investment firm focused on organizing crypto/Web3 innovation fabric, driven by years of industry research and practical philosophy.

builder-oriented investment firm for mission-driven founders

We assist mission‑driven founders dedicated to constructive engineering and outstanding operation, at early stage of their growth for long‑term success, with our unique expertise and extensive network.

We partner with industry pioneers to explore technical and commercial synergies in full-stack for the open, trustless, permissionless and decentralized shift.


Leo Chang

Founding Partner

Ex-commercial banking and commodity trading,  genesis backer of multiple crypto ecosystems since 2014

Igor Barinov

Venture Partner

Founder of xDai, Blockscout and zkBob

Nick Stoev


Co-founder of Mellow Protocol

Alex Nikolaev


Early Ethereum builder, university professor of blockchain courses

Quotes from
our friends

We gained a wealth of invaluable and constructive insights from Principle during the pre-seed fundraising stage. They’re the ideal and genuine partner who consistently engage closely with founders and contribute significantly to the joint growth and development of the venture. Furthermore, Principle possesses extensive expertise in Web3 technology, ecological construction, and decentralization values. This depth of knowledge and connections paves the way for seamless cooperation in developing integrations and forging strategic partnerships.
Nick Stoev
Co-founder of Mellow Protocol
We've had great support from the Principle team especially in the topics of narrative and community understanding. They've offered insights into the structure of the global market and connected to great angels in a geography we wanted to expand into.
Core Contributor of LobsterDAO
Principle looks at the industry from a long-term perspective and have been around for several market cycles. We can always tap into their experience to get feedback and help on the tokenomics, product and go-to-market. They've been a very helpful resource to us.
Kirill Kutakov
Founder of StakeWise
The founders are the very definition of the value-add investors. He opened many doors and supported us when we needed it the most.
Jerome de Tychey
Founder and CEO of Cometh, President of Ethereum-France
The founders of Principle have been one of our most supportive, connected, and responsive investors. He understood and saw our vision early and has been a relentless champion for it, while still giving valuable feedback when we needed it. I feel fortunate he's part of our company.
Alex Herrity
Co-founder of Anima


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